PCOS - check. Infertility - check. IVF - check. 43 years young - check. Sick of babydust - fricking double check. Join a Scottish infertile as she slowly swirls down the plughole. Now with added donor egg flava.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Away With The Fairies

Aye, that would be me.

August is lather, rinse and repeat for me as I said before. However, the endless fun-filled weekends mean that I am as dozy as the proverbial dormouse during the week. Not very professional at all!

Most of the time this week has been spent pondering the question about domestic robots. Eh? you might well ask.

Well, this is 2007 and it is the 21st century. Where are these Japanese domestic robots promised to us last century?? I saw that film with Robin Williams. I am mad as hell. I am fed up of picking things up and putting clothes away. I want my robot....NOW!!!

Other than that, 6 weeks to go, meds ordered from the lovely Howard and we have just finished watching the final episodes of Sopranos. They have not yet been shown here on TV but whisper it....wedownloadedthemillegallyfromt'internet. Shock horror!

I was totally fed up trying to avoid all the discussion about the final episode and I cracked. I'm sorry, m'lud. Guilty as charged. I will not spoil it for peeps still to see it but I thought it was totally cool the way it ended. Just like Bobby Baccalieri said ;)

Anyhoo, my bath and hot oil for my hair are awaiting so cheery-bye.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Botany has arrived!

The text from Mare said:

"Botany born at 5.15pm 22 August by forceps delivery. 6lbs 15oz. Epic nightmare labour. Am utterly knackered but mum and baby doing well. Whole story soon".

Welcome to the world, Botany. The internets have been patiently awaiting your arrival.

Congratulations to Mummy and Daddy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No, Not Yet

Hello Botany-watchers,

No sign yet.

I received a text from Mare at 8.40 tonight to say that she was admitted to hospital at 8am this morning (Tuesday) and since then, the gel has not worked. She was about to be put on a drip (pitocin, I presume??) to induce labour.

She is more than ready to get that kid put of there, I surmise but the good news is that at least she has a hospital bed to lay her weary bump in.

Send her lots of love and labour-inducing vibes, wherever you are.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Penthouse To Pavement

No, there is no news of Botany yet but I am sticking by my mobile or Mare herself will be able to update. Her waters have broken!! Come on Botany!

Pregnancy news is usually a mixed bag of emotions for me but I do so love it when the babies arrive.

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon here and I am making a puy lentil soup and a beef stew. That alone tells you what the weather is like here mid-August. I am considering the flannel sheets for the bed too.

7 weeks to go, if you are counting down with me to Cape Town.

Places to stay are booked and the title of this post refers to the fact that we blew the budget on penthouse accommodation last time but this time?? Budget-friendly in Camps Bay for 12 nights then 2 nights luxury in Millie's favourite hotel.

I still have to book carhire but that is easy-peasy. I also have to order the depot Lupron shot this week. I still have heaps of Progynova and PIO from last time.

All the ducks seem to be lining up.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dog Day Afternoons

The thing about waiting for donor (or any IF) treatment is that no matter how long it seems you have to wait, days pass anyway. The sun rises each morning and it sets each night and then there is another day gone on the calendar.

It is August 1st and it is 10 weeks from yesterday until we fly to Cape Town. Aaargh, I have just realised that this means that it is only 10 weeks until I am 42. Actually, you know what? I no longer give a fig for my age. Mr P will always be older than me by 21 months hahahaha. I keep telling him that I am going to die first as I don't want to be left alone without him. Diplomatically, he keeps his mouth shut about what he would prefer in that scenario ;)

So if it is 10 weeks until we leave, that means it is approx 7 weeks until I do the depot lupron injection (as near as dammit to Sept 20th). Since it has been a year since I did any shots, I have probably forgotten how to.

Talking of wee pains in the arse, the owner of the place we stayed at during our first week in Cape Town has just let me know that she has sold it!! That great view in the morning?? I will have a photo of it to remind me. Looks like it will be Camps Bay instead. We stayed there for our 2nd week last year and it was cool, with fabulous sea views. It was a bit noisy where we stayed (road noise) though so I am looking for a quieter alternative. There are heaps of places though so it will not be a problem.

It is funny. I looked back at my archives for last August and it is exactly the same as this year. Counting down to cycle in CT, trying to lose some kilos, going to the arts festival in Argyll, going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Wow, my life is so predictable. In fact, I am going to stop posting new stuff and just post the archives instead hahaha.

Here at Chez Pamplemousse, we are on tenterhooks this week for Amyesq and Tim and the referral for their Chinese adoption. Bring on the twins!! The referral should arrive any day now and I am contemplating starting to bite my nails with the tension. Jeebus knows how they are feeling. Tim and Stan the floor man had better be finishing that nursery or they will be toast.

The bunnies are still alive but the fence is in situ so we have declared a truce. There are plenty of weeds for them to eat elsewhere. I can be magnanimous with the weeds. Let them eat weeds!

Oh, and Mare, we are waiting on you too. No pressure ;)

What else?? Busy trying to book for these exhibits towards the end of the year in London. No individual booking for King Tut yet but the warriors are booked.

Onwards and upwards, people.