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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Miss Poppy Regrets...

..that she cannot woof her thanks to Auntie Beagle and another anonymous gift of a Xmas dog stocking. I can tell you though that she is very, very grateful.
Rudolph the Reindeer was not so grateful to be mauled on the stairs. It was certainly tickling my mum, though.

At one point, Miss Poppy had more parcels under the Xmas tree than I did. Spoilt little dog, already!!!

We have had a wonderful Xmas with my mum and my brother and nieces and nephew. Lots of good food, wine and chocolate liqueurs. Rum truffles too, mmmmm.

The one thing on my wish list for Xmas was to be non-pregnant. Alas, not to be.

HCG on Xmas Eve was still 28. They want to see it under 5 so the blood-letting continues. I could lament how my body cannot hold a pregnancy but it will not let go at the end, either but I do not have the energy. I spend way too much time chasing around after the livewire that Miss Poppy is.

She will be 12 weeks tomorrow. She has been very brave and had all her injections and been microchipped to boot. This is so she can get her pet passport and come on hols to Europe with us (via ferry).

So I raise my wine glass to you all and wish you all a merry festive season. My aforesaid nieces and nephew arrive this Saturday to stay until New Year's Day so that will keep me on my toes with the 3 of them and the dog. I see a lot more wine coming up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Introducing Miss P

The reason why I do not have any time to blog, comment, answer e-mails or do much at all any more.