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Monday, February 11, 2008


Is it sick that I find it funny that my mother always said she would not look after any of her grandchildren instead of them going to daycare but she is now looking after Miss Poppy 3 days a week????

I keep telling her it is the reason why she is now retired but she is so besotted with the dog that it makes no impact. Unfortunately, she and my stepdad are moving to Greece to live later this year so I had better make the most of it now.

I have to say it is lovely to know she is being well-looked after and I can come home and get the Dyson out without a doggie meltdown. The simple pleasures in life hehe.

Miss Poppy has discovered the beach is her new favourite place although it is winter and not very warm at all. I tried to dissuade her from a dunk but no way, sister. Unfortunately I was laughing so hard that I forgot to take any pics of the event!