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Sunday, January 27, 2008

From Soup To Nuts

Well, hello January!!

Posting or commenting on any blogs has not gotten any easier. My apologies for my absence. I barely have time to peruse Bloglines to keep up. But life is good.

I have a teething terrier on my hands. No, make that a terrierist.

Nothing is safe from the jaws of doom bwahahaa.

My little girl now weighs 8lbs and her coat is becoming more wiry. I call her fuzzyface. As she is a Parson Russell, she will have longer legs and a wirier coat than a Jack Russell. She is a bundle of energy and is certainly keeping us on our toes.
She loves to lounge on her cushion, which used to be my cushion. Says it all really.
I guess I have become a doggy blogger now.