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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yo, peeps!

Apparently, I last published a blog post in April, ahem.......

So what has been happening?? Well,I am half-way sorta to having a driving licence as I have passed my theory test this week. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Hmmmph. 50 multiple choice Highway Code questions and 14 hazard perception clips. Mind you, I hate to brag but I got 50 out of 50 on the multiple choice questions and a very good score on the hazards, despite my advanced driving age.

In the theory test centre, it was a sea of teenagers and me. There was lots of muttered talk of second and third tries (at a cost of £30/$60 a shot). Bloody teenagers. I came out clutching my pass letter and wanted to say "Ha! Make way for the mature learner driver who passed first time" but manners held me back. Damn those pesky manners.

Due to work commitment, I can only fit in one official driving lesson per week but I am also driving Mr P and Miss P round the bend in the car at the weekends. Mr P has just about stopped clutching his knees. He really did not have much hair to start off with hehehe.

What else?? Miss Poppy is 9 months now so is starting to be a tiny little bit more mature. She will be an adult by the time she is 1 year old so she does not have long as a puppy left. She has passed her bronze level of the Kennel Club Citizen Good award and will be starting doggie agility class in a few months. Do you think I am one of those over-achieving, over-scheduling, hothousing mothers hahaha?

She has just about forgiven us for abandoning her for 2 weeks when we went to the Greek islands to stay with my mother and stepfather. I am glad I have seen the Mediterranean sun as it is sorely lacking here in Northern Europe. We are having our usual summer weather so can choose between drizzle, showers and actual rain. My Greek tan (ha, as far as a peely-wally Scottish woman with a Celtic complexion can tan) has gone. Do you know that Tertia said to me that I was the most luminously white person she had ever seen??? That tells you how pale I am. Mind you, I almost got a tan just from sitting in Tertia's glow ;)

We visited Kefalonia and Zakynthos and had a fabulous time. We also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary when we were there. Miss P took a right sulk though as she could not go.
What else? Don't know about you lot but the credit crunch is biting here. Prices of food and petrol....astronomical. I want to go places on holiday but the sensible budget-head says no. Do you know I only have 17 years left to work until retirement???* Scary thought and my mind is now preoccupied with pensions and all that jazz. Too grown up for me.

Anyhoo, for once, it is not raining outside so the outdoors and the midgies beckon. I am going to try really hard to blog more often, honest.

* Scary thought but I have already been working for 23 years. I have now worked more years than I have left!!!! Also, those 23 years?? Still with the same employer. How bizarre is that nowadays? I have only ever had that employer since I finished uni. Good employer, great terms and conditions, fab pension at age 60 and I do enjoy my job. I know I am lucky. Mind you, another corporate reorganisation is on the cards in HR so I might not be singing the same tune next year.