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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For Every Old Sock, There Is An Old Shoe

It was a Spring Bank Holiday on Monday and yet alack, I was at work. Plus ca change! Someone has to do it ;)

Happy Memorial Day to you lazy Yanks! Hope you had a cocktail for me. Just kidding about the lazy part, not the cocktail part.

Talking of lazy days, I am winding down this week towards my next 2 weeks holiday. It is a dirty job but someone has to do it.

I am off with the customary pile of books, DVDs, laptop and embroidery for a week in the wilds of the West Coast of Scotland. Yes, I am taking Mr P too. He has to drive the car there....hahaha.

The view out the window of the cottage we are renting is of Rum and Eigg. I am looking forward to doing nothing for a week but gazing at the sea and the islands and exhaling. It is the same place we went last summer, after the ectopic. It is the most soothing place on earth and it calms my soul.

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary but I am not doing much to mark the day. We have exchanged the usual soppy cards but I can still remember celebrating last year about being newly pregnant after the first donor cycle and I really do not want to be reminded of that. I am not being maudlin, just pragmatic.

10 years of marriage is worth celebrating, particularly after the trials of the last year and we will do it......just not right now.

So here's to Mr P. Please raise your cocktail glass in his honour.

I will let him have a little downtime and a chance to gaze at the islands next week too. He does deserve it, truly.

Dedicated to him, here is one of my favourite Johnny Cash songs and the lyrics say it all.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Been Fishing

...but I am back now, with the good old nose to the grindstone.

Highlights of my holibobs were:

New hairdo

Fave holiday activity???

Highlights from Cambridge

My fave holiday pal