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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance the Blues

I am hoping that just by typing, some blog inspiration will come........

Tick tick tick.......

Well, maybe not.

What's happening Chez Pamplemousse??

Well, spring has sprung, the lambs are lambing, the birds are now tweeting at 4am and the flowers are coming out so it is all good.

Miss Pops is having her 2nd season and she is definitely having the op in a couple of months so no puppies for her. If I can't have some, neither can she hahaha. Just kidding. It is a 24 hr a day commitment for a litter of pups and I could not do it. I am barely here as it is. Besides, the big stumbling block is that I would want to keep any pups and not give them away. Yes, I am a big wuss.

The big California trip is getting nearer. Just over 3 weeks to go! Look out San Francisco, here we come!! I am still trying to persuade Mr P that we need to hire an RV but he is being a chicken....squawk, squawk!!

I was listening to Joni Mitchell and Chick Corea to get in the mood this morning. I think I need a Cali playlist on my ipod. Any good suggestions????