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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cough, cough....

Well, Happy New Year to you!

Why yes, I have not posted since before last summer and no, I have no bloggy shame either!

Where have I been? Mostly on Facebook or Facecrack as Mare likes to call it. If you know me there, then you know what is going on in my humdrum life.

Nothing much has been happening.

We went to California in June and visited with our most gracious hosts, Millie and the Mister who entertained us, fed us, watered us and generally tolerated our touristy questions and thick Scottish accents. Millie christened Mr P as the Headbanger after an unfortunate incident at SFO airport with the door of her eco-friendly SUV. Amy visited too from San Diego and great fun and laughter was had. We were also extremely privileged to attend an adoption meeting held by Millie's fabulous adoption consultant and visit with the other people at the meeting. San Francisco was my kind of town and if you are a friend on FB, heaps of photos are on there.

Other than that big trip, life has been going on, in fits and starts. Lots of grieving for my mum and hard days to get through sometimes. November brought the 1st anniversary of her death and although there are still tears on a regular basis, like all other kinds of sorrow, time does help blunt the pain.

My nephew and nieces help too, as there is no rest for the wicked when they are on the go. My mum was their main babysitter and now it is me and Mr P but I am glad of the distraction, particularly at holiday times. Xmas just past was hard without Mum but not as awful as the one before.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to break the blogwriting block and dust off 2010. I am planning another trip stateside for June but on the East coast this time. Look out NYC, NJ and Boston area!! Lots of planning to do for that. I am also thinking of applying for a new job in my Dept as I need more of a challenge work-wise.

Hope you are all healthy, happy and wise! Ciao bellas!!