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Sunday, January 28, 2007

You're The One For Me, Fatty

This is the one song that keeps popping up on random on my iPod. I have accused Mr P of setting it like that in iTunes but he denies all charges. Hmm, I am not so sure.

A girl could become paranoid very, very easily.

I am inclined to believe his protestations of innocence. Would such a man, capable of such evil-doing, be right this very moment up to his knees in literal shite?? Wearing an orange boiler suit, like a demented Scottish Evel Knievel? Doing his very utmost to unblock our septic sewage system, on a frigid Sunday afternoon, when he could be esconced inside with the Sunday papers, bagels and copious hot cups of tea???

I have spoken many times of this man's ascent to sainthood. The other week, it was his 43rd birthday and we had a restaurant meal to celebrate, which promptly made only me ill and he had to spend the remainder of his birthday celebration tending to me as I vomited. Poor man.

He has not had a decent night's sleep in weeks as I fight off the seasonal lurgy. The adenoidal snoring is apparently prodigious but he does not wake me up as he makes his way to the spare bed for chilly, silent refuge.

Another celebration recently was for our 14th anniversary of our first date. If only he had known about the snoring he would have to contend with, hahaha!

The blessed man keeps smiling through. Pure balm for my soul.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Told You Things are Getting Worse!!!!

Just call me Cassandra from now on.

I will be in my bunker at the bottom of the garden.

It is a WW2 one but it will still keep me and my stock of baked bean tins safe, right?

I did say that I wanted to hibernate but that would be taking it to extremes, eh?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Caffeinated Hodgepodge

Happy New Year, my friends. Yes, I am a tad late but you know I have all sort of lame excuses I could fob you off with.

I need a refresher in time management as I don't know what happens to each and every day just now. I keep thinking ooh I must blog about that and then poof, it's gone.

I still have not managed to sort the South Africa photos out. Maybe by summertime, eh?

I have a raft of iTunes vouchers to use to update my new Xmas iPod but again, no time.

I really just want to hunker down and hibernate until April/May but my filofax and work calendar both disagree vehemently with me and will not let me rest.

I am kind of avoiding blogland at the moment as lots of delicious babies are being born and surprise pregnancies popping up all over. Relax, it will never happen here.

I am trying desperately not to think of my due date in a couple of weeks. I will perk up again soon, promise but I just need to get past that milestone. I know it is a stone cliche but it might have been my one and only pregnancy and due date and although I am trying hard with the aid of the drugs not to elevate it in a misty, romantic fashion, it is hard to forget.

I wish I could forget as I still have acid flashbacks but not in a good way.

In an effort to keep the demons at bay, I have madly scheduled every waking inch of my weekends. Work takes care of the week so Saturday was a social whirl, complete with plastered-on-lipstick smile.

Yesterday, we exercised for an hour, both Mr P and I cleaned the house for 2 hours, I cooked tomato and lentil soup and spinach and tomato pappardelle pasta and between snatches of the Sunday newspapers, phone calls, prep for work and watching Grey's Anatomy, the weekend was finished. Back to Monday again!

Why is it always just after the holidays that you think "when are the holidays"???

January is the usual blah blah but with the added fillip of horrendous storms. Hurricane force gales and torrential rain and nary a snowflake in sight. Not to mention a leaking roof with water coming in through the front hall ceiling. The roof guy was thrilled to scale my mossy roof although he must have about made his first million by now from all the wind damage he will be tackling in this area. I knowit is usually stormy at this time of year but there has been hardly a let-up for weeks.

I am in a rage about this and this and this and this.

Is it just me or has the world started to go downhill really fast all of a sudden?

This stream of consciousness in my tea break has been brought to you by our sponsor, Starmegabucks double tall skimmed latte. Go forth and jitter, my friends.