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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Driving Round The Bend

So....still alive, still learning to drive and waiting with bated breath for my test date of October 27th to come round. Mr P has started to zone out when I am driving so I think that is a good sign. No going-away holidays planned for the near future which would normally totally depress me but as I will have to purchase a car soon....I am psyched. That's my update.

My mum....lymph nodes clear, not hormone-related or genetic type of breast cancer and they are pretty happy that they seem to have caught it very early before it had a chance to spread. Only time will tell but Mum has a 3-week course of radiotherapy starting next month to make sure any oogies are well and truly zapped. In the meantime, they have sold their house and are getting ready for the move to Greece, post-radiotherapy recovery and the hopeful all-clear.

Yes, everything is going on all at the same time and I think it would have been better to postpone the house sale but what do I know? It may surprise you to know that I can keep mouth zipped and foot clear, when necessary. The way the housing market is here, who knows when another buyer would have appeared?? It is their life, not mine so hence the zippedness.

Miss Pops is almost a year old. Her 1st birthday is a week before mine and barring any more chicken-chasing incidents, will almost be a mature young lady. The chickens are not ours but next-doors precious progeny. They say good fences make good neighbours so ours is now impregnable (no pun intended ha!).

Ciao, sweeties.