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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Czeched in....Grogged out

I am back! No surprise there then. And I am grumpy!! Ditto about the non-surprise.

I hate coming back to work after a little holiday. Mr P thoughtfully reminded me that I am an ungrateful bitch as we have had 4 trips this year already. But it doesn't help.

He also pointed out its only 11 days to Xmas and I get another 4 days off then and then another 4 days at New Year. And I say to him....Your point is????

Sometimes he is too saintly for words and I just want to punch him. How can someone be in a good mood perpetually the way he is??? It is dark, people, eternally dark. Dark when I have to get up in the morning and dark halfway through the afternoon. Whine, whine.

I think I am coming down from my holiday sugar rush as the apple strudelfest and hot wine (svarak) dissipate from my system. I did my best last night to compensate with a tube of Smarties and an episode of Threshold but it was not the same.

Pics of Prague and some stories to follow once I leave the pit of grumpiness.


At 7:28 PM, Blogger KrunkistheNewBlog said...

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At 7:37 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Glad to hear you're back and had a nice trip. I always found it hard to get back into the swing of things after I've been away for a bit. I like working, but I also really like not working, if that makes any sense! I know that it's way too dark during the day right now, but it will be darkest on the 21st, a week from today which is the first day of winter. Then, as my grandma was was fond of saying, each day gets a little longer... al little lighter...

I hope you can progress on the ART train soon. I want 2006 to be a fruitful year for you, too! All the best to you : )

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous thalia said...

Hmm. What's threshold? A TV series I've never heard of? Endless possibilities for distraction. Do share.

Glad Prague was fun and am so sympathetic on the back to work front. Work is not my friend right now.

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

Welcome back!!

I'm glad to hear that you feel much the same as I do about Partner some days. She's really too upbeat for anyone's good.

I can't wait to see some pics!

At 1:52 AM, Blogger Avonlea said...

Sorry the sun isn't shining on you now that you're home and that your DH's attitude is a bit too sunny for the indoors.

Can't wait to see the pictures and hear about your DE progress.

At 3:47 AM, Blogger ninaB said...

You only just left! Clearly your trip was much too short. You'll need another v. soon, perhaps something warm & tropical to escape winter.

At 1:17 PM, Blogger Kristi said...

Ahhh... we are married to the same man, then! My husband is perpetually perky, and I am most definitely not. Coming back to work after a vacation is always hard, so ease back in...come in a little late, take long lunches, and of course, leave early!

At 4:58 PM, Blogger zhl said...

Glad your trip was fun. I really do want pictures, 'kay?

And I totally get the post-vacation funk. I have to schedule a vacation after my vacation.

At 4:15 AM, Blogger amyesq said...

Ooh we get pictures? I find the best way to avoid feeling depressed after vacation is to plan the next vacation while you are on vacation. Works wonders.

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Nico said...

Mmmmmm.... I lurve smarties. They are so much better than M&M's.

Sorry things are feeling so dark. Hopefully they will lighten with the New Year when your cycle gets underway!

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing your pictures!! The darkness can be so oppressive... lucky thing you married Mr. Perky, or else it'd be even more dismal! Kristi is a smart cookie... follow her advice.


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