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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wish I May...Wish I Might...

So..the weekend ended, the jim-jams had to be taken off and on with the suit for work. It was nice while it lasted. I was not looking forward to going back to work as my boss was returning from her hols and it meant I would have to hedge, fudge and contritely explain what the fuck happened last week.

However, I must have been viewing last week's work-related events through Synarel goggles (like beer goggles but without sex and including v. v. bad headaches). You see, when I did make it to work (via a detour to my consultant endocrinologist and more about that in a bit), it all really was not so bad. Yes, I had made some mistakes but nothing life-threatening or irrevocable and I think I will still have a job for another week. Phew! See, jimjams therapy - it works!

My appt with the consultant was the final check on the blood sugar, BP and weight before the baseline U/S on Thursday to check suppression. It was fab news all round as I have now lost 10 kilos (22.2 lbs), my blood sugar was perfect and stable and my BP was behaving itself very nicely. None of this was really a surprise to me as of course, I have been obsessively pricking my finger, jumping on and off the scales and testing my BP at home. Yes, I can now test at home as the nurse at the GPs took pity on me last week and gave me my own digital BP monitor. £100 in Boots but free on loan to me. She was really nice and said it would do for during my pregnancy! Of course, I immediately freaked out, stuck my fingers in ears singing Lalalala and threw salt over my shoulder to ward off any leprechauns bearing lucky white heather. Such nice people employed here in the NHS.

So...only 3 more sniffs till the U/S. I am getting a bit antsy which has probably nothing to do with the 20 days of down-regging. I keep thinking what is that twinge in my ovary? What is that cramp? Fuck, it feels too lively down there! Shouldn't it be like I am dead from the waist down?? What if it is a cyst? Ok, jimjams time again.



At 8:47 PM, Anonymous B. Mare said...

You are my sniffing hero- I wil be doing the same in June/July when we start, so all nasal details very welcome. And damn, it DID get cold again recently, huh. Jimjamjammies for me too.

At 9:46 PM, Anonymous amanda said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, and good luck on Thursday!


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