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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Last week, my friend asked me how I was doing down-regging with the Synarel and I replied that it was not too bad....a few headaches, technical problems with acrid nasal drip but nothing I could not handle.

This week, I take it all back....I want to kill people, I have sucked the big one all week at work and am probably going to be fired and I feel absolute cack. Stop whinging, I hear you say. I know, I know, I have moaned for months about waiting to start IVF and the endless delays but can I just have a little whinge, pretty please?

I feel so bad today that I have sent Mr P off to Tesco with a shopping list and I normally love any kind of shopping.

One good thing is that it puts paid to any worries about the Synarel not working.

Oh, and it also reverted to sub-zero temps this week and we had snow. I am spending this weekend in my jimjams.


At 7:17 PM, Anonymous amanda said...

You have every right to complain. Lupron, Synarel's evil injectable twin, does very mean things to me, too.

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous julianna said...

What is "Tesco"?

I hope you start to feel better soon. When do you go for your baseline ultrasound?

Thinking of you.

At 9:05 PM, Blogger MsPrufrock said...

Whinge whinge whinge!!! Ugh, Tesco. My lovely husband does the grocery shopping on his own most of the time, as I can't tolerate the place. Usually because I don't really change out of my pyjamas on the weekends...

At 10:56 AM, Blogger MsPrufrock said...

Looking back on my comment, it seems as if was making an anti-whinge statement, but I meant "whinge whinge whinge!!!" to be pro-whinge. Oops.

At 12:56 AM, Blogger amyesq said...

Blech and double blech. And sorry about the sub-zero conditions. Are you going to give us Scotophiles any type of hint as to what area of the country you are in?

Julianna - Tesco is just a supermarket chain like Safeway.


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