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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Frankly, How Disappointing

I thought there were a lot more swear words here, necessitating an adults-only audience. Apparently, this could only find one instance of the word "crap". Fuck.

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At 1:43 AM, Anonymous T said...

Well shit man. From miss potty mouth? he he! Motherfuckers!

At 2:11 AM, Anonymous Ollie said...

That's pretty freaking funny. And I tried it out with my blog---I got a PG-13 because of 3 occurrences of "shit" and one drug reference. Oh, there is so, so much more than that. I would consider it "inaccurate" on both our counts. But highly entertaining.

At 3:17 AM, Blogger Beagle said...

Fortune Cookie Follies got PG-13 for: hell (2x) and death (1x)

Cats in the Cradle remains unrated. (Passworded=inaccessible I guess).

How funny.

Hell, I ought to swear more.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Thalia said...

I think they only look at the first page, I got a pg-13 rating too, with no references to 'vagina' or instances of 'fuck' which means they definitely did not look at my archives! So take it with a pinch of salt.

At 2:11 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Just add a few breasts and lesbians and you'll get your R rating. ;)

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Jess said...

I'm so jealous of all your ratings. I can't do it because I'm invite-only. :(

Don't feel bad, we know you're a bad ass!! :)

At 4:12 AM, Blogger linda said...

Oh, don't believe that rating system for one second. I tried running my blog thru it and it found were two incidences of "hell" and one of "shoot". How on earth did it miss my exclamation of "fuckity fuck fuck fuck!!!" a few months ago?


At 6:49 PM, Blogger millie said...

Mmmm, I came up R. Clearly they aren't picking up my Deadwood language 'cause that should be X.

At 1:46 AM, Blogger erinberry said...

Ha! I got a PG based on "fuck" twice and "zombie" once. I don't think "fuck" is actually allowed in a PG movie!


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