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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Random musings from the treadmill..gasp..cough..

Will I get to start IVF this decade and is all this exercise really worth it??

Who buys all these crappy records being played on MTV?

Is that really Robin Givens in that Ice Cube video?

Why does Britney look like a skinny goddess in her latest video but absolute spotty fat trailer trash in real life (well, in the celebrity gossip rag mags)?

When did rap become "urban"?

Does anyone really still like George Michael?

Why is Celine Dion always playing on the Magic channel?

Who the frick keeps buying her godawful records?

Am I too old to lust after the singer from Franz Ferdinand?

Answers on a postcard, please!


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Julianna said...

Try the ball! I don't know if I will lose weight, but I should definitely get tone.

I hope you are well.


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