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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bloggus Interruptus

See what I meant about commitment? Already I missed one night but I have a note from my mummy, honest! Nah, real life gets in the way and I cannot blog from work as a) too busy b) terrified my boss would call me in to her office and ask me why my proto-swearing had caught on some e-mail filter and what does IVF mean? and c) we are HR professionals and expected to conduct ourselves like the professional ladies we are - snort! I reserve the right to let rip with some real profanity and anger and some might be about work so it's better to be safe than sorry. Nothing is private on our network though how the adolescent male yahoos in my Dept continue to be able to access porn sites and I then have to deal with their disciplinary issues - ack!

What did I do last night? Cooked, threw laundry, exercised, watched TV. You know, the usual! I am always agog at Celebrity Fit Club and I have to watch. I am always transfixed by the beach balls that Kym Mazelle has stuffed in her tracksuit top. I am really concerned that those puppies are going to burst or make a break for the border with Harvey the Marine chasing behind and bellowing haha! I have a constant battle with weight loss and I just love to see oh-so-minor celebrities do that too! Of course, anyone not from the UK will not have a scooby what I am wittering on about. Believe me, it is fab and you do not know what you are missing.

I followed that intellectual slice of TV with the new series of CSI Vegas (Grissom rules!) and then CSI Miami had the crossover episode which introduced CSI NY. Phew! My eyes were red and worn out. So you see, dear Reader, my dance card was full!

Now I am not really a complete TV head. I just like particular programmes - ER, CSI, West Wing, Seinfeld, some British stuff. I read voraciously although I have had to utilise my local library for reading material lately. I could afford to buy all the books I want but I cannot afford the size of house that would entail! I gave Mr P the warning that no more books or bookshelves could be shoe-horned in. For crying out loud, we already have 3 bedrooms and there are only 2 of us. I am sure he is still smuggling them in, though! You might suggest giving some books away but we will not have any of that talk round here. A book is for life, not just for Xmas.

I will end today's epistle by announcing that Mr P and I are officially free of disease (HIV, Hepatitis B and C). I was a bit worried given my wild twenties but the IVF co-ordinator finally managed to get the letter in the post. Since Dec 2004, the HFEA has decided that you cannot freeze embryos, eggs or sperm unless you have been screened for the above. If the results had not been negative, my hospital would not have let us go ahead with the IVF as they do not have the facilities to deal with the issues that would arise. I am still not sure what that meant but I am thankful another hurdle has been jumped. I still have a few more hurdles to go before I even get to start down-regging as I am diabetic and hypertensive. My HbA1c is thankfully stable at the moment but my BP is not. My endocrinologist has been tweaking my meds and hopefully I will get the go-ahead this month. I have learnt not to count my chickens as I have now been waiting almost a year to start the IVF. Either my blood sugar goes haywire or my BP is off the chart and let's not mention the weight.

One last thing - if Donald Trump's latest wedding cost $4 million, why didn't he donate it to the tsunami appeal and give a backhander straight to his divorce lawyer?


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Orodemniades said...

Grissom so rules. I am, however, very bummed not to be seeing Nick Lea on the show now that he and Catherine, well. Still undecided about CSI:NY and Miami, even though I like David Caruso.

And the books - oy!

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