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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love is all around...

Valentine's Day - exchanged cards with Mr P and he also had a bouquet of flowers delivered. What a sweetheart - so glad he's mine!

Appt with endocrinologist - HbA1c - 6.7 (v.g.), BP - 140/85 (not v.g), weight- cough!She doubled the dose of beta-blockers so it will be dozy-rama for me the next week or so. So don't go expecting any scintillating blogging from me. I will be doing my best to drag my butt to work and back without falling into a coma.

Hot date - me and Billy Blanks. He got me all sweaty and dripping and we consummated our mutual love with some really kick-ass dropkicks (yeah, i did my Tae Bo - on Valentine's Day even. Sheesh!)


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